Inadequate Zoological Park Parque De Las Ciencias Bayamon

Inadequate Zoological Park, Parque de las Ciencias, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

by Julia Feliz

Primates, big cats, raccoons, wolf-hybrid, deers, hippopotamus, and other animals are being kept in primordial cement slab habitats within a facility that has failed to meet even the most minimum of standards of animal care imposed by the Animal Welfare Act.
These are pictures of the zoo taken March 30th and 31st, 2007:


Please sign the petition to Mayor (Alcade) Ramon Luis Rivera, Alcalde de Bayamon, Parque de las Ciencias, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

I have increased the signature goal for this petition now that the Mayor of Bayamon has stated that, although he does not have any real plans for these animals, there is a possibility to move them to spaces around the city or use them within a fun park that has not even been planned yet. He said that this would possibly happen in 2 years.

The mayor's statements came after I contacted a newspaper and they interviewed him on the future of this zoo. Coincidentally, he said he had come up with these plans a week before the interview, so this coincides with the time frame where this petition has been active and emails are being sent to him.

Although I am appreciative of a response, the mayor still does not understand the basic requirements that animals such as a Jaguar, alligator, and pretty much any other animal that they keep needs biologically, ecologically, and just out of common sense.
Bayamon is a city made up almost entirely by cement, roads, highways, and buildings. There is no acceptable place to keep these animals around the city. Two years for any action to be taken is unacceptable when these animals need help Now! The mayors plans have not even made it onto paper and are just quick responses to appease the masses.

Why should the animals have to keep living in filth and in horrible conditions with barely any space to move WHILE the mayor allows a new HOLIDAY INN to build over 100 rooms, a CASINO, 2 RESTAURANTS, a GYM, and a CONVENTION CENTER in the SAME PARK where these animals are kept. He says it will bring TOURISM to the park and the city of BAYAMON…

Will these animals have to face the same conditions for the rest of their lives? It is up to YOU to help and have your voice heard on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves…

Take action for Zoological Park, Parque de las Ciencias, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

by Michele Santos

Please send the email to Hi Development PR Corp,{sole franchisor for Holiday Inn Hotels in P.R}

e-mail: moc.loa|rpcdi#moc.loa|rpcdi

subject: Accepted Proposal To build Holiday Inn at Bayamon Parque de las Ciencias,Puert Rico

Hi Development PR Corp,{sole franchisor for Holiday Inn Hotels in P.R}

As an International hotel company that states to try to"always see the world through the eyes of others" and that" the people at the heart of your buisiness-the ones who make a difference-the ones who care-listen, learn and work ensuring customers receive memorable experiences". I ask you this how memorable will the customers experience be, should you go forward with the accepted proposal to build a Holiday Inn within the science park of Bayamon, Puerto Rico .Without first seeing through the eyes of vising you to see through your own eyes the horrible animal abuse taking place within the parks zoo-ology section? The park has repeatedly been cited by the USDA and has failed to meet even the most minimum of standards of care imposed by the Animal Welfare Act, Meanwhile, the Mayor of Bayamon stated he has no real plans for these animals. As a world known Company, here is your opourtunity to show,as you say,that you listen and care, by Not procceding with accepted proposal to build A Holiday Inn within the bayamon Science Park in Puerto Rico unless immediate action is taken by the mayor of Bayamon to properly care for the animals in the park, if this is not possible then these animals should be sent to facilities that can properly care for them be it in Puerto Rico or elsewhere, please do not ignore this as that would imply that Holiday Inn does not care. And your company statements are false. Use the power you have to correct this injustice.
I thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, please note mayors 2 year plan is a phantome plan, and even if it werent thats too late for these animals !!!! they need sanctuary NOW!!


Julia's battle about the animals:

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