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E-Mails needed please!*70 Dogs to die next week!!
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Mr. Srdjo Komazec, Mrs.Mila Rajnic, Mr. Slobodan Milosavljevic, Mr. Miroslav Marinkovic, Mrs.Sanja Celebicanin;

Stara Pazova City – Serbia.

Kasper President Mr. Petar Djordjevic.has, from his own pocket, financed everything that is needed at the Nova Pazova shelter and has never received any help from the municipality; a failing of national legislation in its own right. Mr. Djordjevic has stepped in and helped the dogs to survive and keep living where all of you, the authorities have failed to act under existing Serbian legislation (Article 46 of Serbian Veterinary Law).

You have all now demanded that the shelter which is located at the border of this city, be put somewhere very far away from the city. The location of the shelter was never a problem in the past; why did you not act when it was being built ?

There do not ever appear to have been any legal problems in the past with this shelters location. When Mr. Petar Djordjevic originally built this life saving shelter at the border of Nova Pazova City; no one said anything at the time, it was all ok.

Now, you are demanding the removal of all 70 dogs from the city pound and their killing after 3 days. The communal inspectors have made this declaration without actually undertaking any noise survey of the shelter perimeters to determine the noise levels which appear to be the reason for your actions. You are making a completely unfounded and arbitrary decision simply to get rid of the shelter and the dogs.

Now these 70 dogs at the shelter are in real danger because after the Eastern holidays
the Shinters will take all these dogs and attempt to kill them after a maximum further 3 days. Some of the dogs will probably be killed immediately, as the city pound where they will be taken is very small and cannot hold an additional 70 dogs.

We know already that on 24th April the shinters attempted to take 8 dogs from

the no kill shelter, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

Even though you represent local authorities and national veterinary organisations, you do not appear to know, or want to enforce existing Serbian animal welfare legislation. I will remind you of Article 46 of the Serbian Veterinary Law, which declares:

Article 46 of the Serbian Veterinary Law

* that animals have a right to life. There is NO LAW declaring euthanasia has to be undertaken as a means of stray / street animal control.

* each local community in Serbia has an obligation to provide care for abandoned dogs and cats - AND THAT INCLUDES Stara Pazova !

* each community has an obligation to finance stray animal care, including the building of shelters

* each community has an obligation to finance sterilisation, medical care and food for the (stray) animals - AND THAT INCLUDES Stara Pazova !

Your actions over the coming week are being monitored and every action you take to attempt to remove or destroy the dogs at the Nova Pazova shelter will be reported to every MEP of the European Parliament, as well as EU animal welfare organisations and Parliamentary committees, asking for Serbia to be kept out of the EU until it enforces Article 46.

Yours truly,

A “Serbian Animals Voice” supporter.

Re: ACTIONS & PETITIONS przez vadavada, 07 Mar 2008 19:08

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals.

It takes less than a minute (How about 20 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals' for free. This doesn't cost you a thing.
Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.


Uczestniczymy w akcji Earth Hour:

(z Polski naprawdę niewielu uczestników, szkoda)

Re: Green Life przez arkadiaarkadia, 28 Feb 2008 12:56

informacja dla osób, które nie mają zbyt wiele wolnego czasu a chcieliby pomóc innym :)
klikając na oznaczone miejsca na poniższych stronach przekazujecie dzięki sponsorom stron pieniądze na różne charytatywne cele - jest tutaj kilkadziesiąt stron, także dotyczących ekologii itp.

From Humane Society International:

I have some exciting news to share: Iceland has announced it will end its commercial whale hunt!

At the end of August, Iceland's fisheries minister told reporters that the country will not continue the commercial hunt because of low demand for whale meat and a lack of access to the Japanese market.

This is a major about-face. Last October, Iceland announced that it would resume commercial whale hunts despite the ban on commercial whaling implemented by the International Whaling Commission in 1986. Iceland planned to kill 30 minke and nine endangered fin whales in the first year while continuing to hunt more whales for its "scientific" research program.

Activists around the world wrote Iceland's Prime Minister and other officials, asking them to stop the hunt. Iceland's whale watching and tourism industries lost business, and they urged the government not to resume the commercial hunt.

Sadly, hunters killed seven minke and seven fin whales. But their meat may not have made it to the market: witnesses reported that the bodies of whales were left in a garbage dump to rot because no one wanted to buy the whale meat.

Meanwhile, Iceland's scientific hunt will apparently continue, despite criticisms from whaling scientists, who called the research proposal poorly contrived, unlikely to yield relevant results, and "deficient in almost every respect."

Even outside Iceland, the market for whale meat is shrinking. Japan continues to stockpile meat from its own "scientific" hunt, in part because a number of supermarkets in Japan refuse to sell the meat. In an effort to reduce those stockpiles, the Japanese government decided to put the meat into school children's lunches. However, some government officials objected because of increasing global concern about the contamination of whale meat due to pollution.

Thank you for taking action on behalf of whales. This victory reminds us to never to give up — we must keep fighting until the seas are safe for all whales. Please share this tremendous news with others and let them know that you had a part in making it happen.


Andrew Rowan
Chief Executive Officer
Humane Society International

(The Hague, Netherlands - 18 July 2007) - One small step for seals, one giant step to end the brutal seal hunt. This is the message coming out of The Netherlands with news yesterday that all trade in seal products will now be banned. The decree was made official in the States’ Journal. the country’s official communication of Dutch laws, decrees & statutes, of July 17th 2007. This decision makes The Netherlands the second EU nation to ban seal products this year.

Re: ACTIONS & PETITIONS przez vadavada, 21 Aug 2007 23:10

Szukani sa wolontariusze do Ptasiego Azylu, godziny pracy: od rana do
wieczora, codziennie potrzebne sa rece do pracy.
bezposredni kontakt do Azylu i

Miejski Ogród Zoologiczny w Warszawie
ul. Ratuszowa 1/3, 03-461 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 6702207
Please note my new e-mail address:

Belgia jako piersze państwo w EU ogłosiło oficjalny zakaz na produkty z fok!!!!

IFAW’s seal campaign continues to gain momentum as European countries propose legislation for banning products derived from Canada’s commercial seal hunt. In January, Belgium became the first country in the European Union to implement a national ban on seal products. Belgium joins Mexico, Croatia and the USA in the effort to shut down markets for commercial seal hunt products.

IFAW has been successful in urging other European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, to begin legislative action to propose similar national bans. On a larger scale, the European Union is considering the possibility of a multinational ban. This European mobilization is putting increased pressure on the Canadian government both at home and abroad. IFAW continues to work closely with policy-makers in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, urging them to implement national bans as well.

By closing down markets for seal pelts, the global community sends a strong message to Canada that the commercial seal hunt needs to be ended once and for all

Re: ACTIONS & PETITIONS przez arkadiaarkadia, 01 May 2007 21:55

blog z obserwacji polowań - co parę dni nowe wiadomości

filmy z HSUS

nowa petycja w sprawie polowań na foki

Thank you dear Care2 friends for your support!!

Re: ACTIONS & PETITIONS przez vadavada, 13 Apr 2007 15:17

There is a place where you can post links to actions and petitions conected with the causes described on this site.
Thanks for your help!
Wpisujcie tu linki do akcji i petycji związanych z sprawami opisywanymi na sajcie.
Z góry dzięki za wszelką pomoc!

ACTIONS & PETITIONS przez vadavada, 13 Apr 2007 15:08

Dolina Rospudy - manifestacja wToruniu???
nie jestem z Torunia ale przyjadę jak coś będzie się działo

Re: Green Life przez Anonimowy (83.8.231.x), 23 Feb 2007 23:29

Wpisujcie Wasze propozycje na życie w cywilizowanym świecie, które nie szkodzi środowisku naturalnemu (oszczędzanie wody, energii, segregacja śmieci itp.), a może i ratuje środowisko oraz zamieszkujące je organizmy (sadzenie drzew, dokarmianie ptaków zimą). Wszelkie wasze działania, które już dawno podjeliście jak i pomysły mile widziane - pomogą one tworzyć stronę green life.

Green Life przez vadavada, 02 Feb 2007 23:51
O ile nie zaznaczono inaczej, treść tej strony objęta jest licencją Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.